Why Do Iguanas Dig Holes? The Fascinating Reason Behind It

If you're curious about why iguanas dig holes, we've got the answers! Read on to learn the fascinating reasons behind this behavior

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As an iguana enthusiast, have you ever wondered why these reptiles dig holes? Digging holes is a natural behavior for iguanas, and there are several reasons why they do it.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why iguanas dig holes, what iguana holes look like, and how to stop your iguana from digging holes.

Why Do Iguanas Dig Holes?

If You wnat to know why do iguanas dig holes, the answer is right here. Iguanas dig holes for various reasons, ranging from nesting to thermoregulation. During breeding season, female iguanas will dig holes to lay their eggs.

These holes can be as deep as 2-3 feet and are typically dug in sandy soil. After laying the eggs, the female iguana will cover the hole with sand, ensuring that the eggs are protected from predators and the elements.

In addition, iguanas also dig holes to regulate their body temperature. As ectothermic animals, iguanas depend on the environment to regulate their body temperature.

When they feel too hot, they will dig a hole and lay in it, allowing the cool soil to bring down their body temperature.

Conversely, when they feel too cold, they will bask in the sun or lay on warm surfaces to raise their body temperature.

What Do Iguana Holes Look Like?

Iguana holes are typically found in sandy soil, and they can be identified by their distinct shape. They are usually cone-shaped, with a wider opening at the top and a narrower tunnel leading down to the bottom.

The size of the hole can vary depending on the iguana’s size and the purpose of the hole. If the hole is being used for nesting, it will be deeper and wider than if it is being used for thermoregulation.

How Do I Stop My Iguana From Digging Holes?

While iguanas’ digging behavior is natural, it can be problematic for pet owners who do not want their yards or gardens disturbed. Here are some tips to stop your iguana from digging holes:

  • Provide a designated area for digging: Set up a sandbox or an area in your yard where your iguana can dig to their heart’s content.
  • Keep your iguana entertained: Boredom can lead to destructive behavior, so provide your iguana with toys, climbing structures, and other forms of enrichment to keep them occupied.
  • Make the digging area less appealing: Cover areas where you do not want your iguana to dig with rocks or other materials that make digging difficult.


In conclusion, iguanas dig holes for several reasons, including nesting and thermoregulation. These holes are typically cone-shaped and found in sandy soil.

While it can be frustrating for pet owners, it is a natural behavior that can be managed with the right techniques.

By providing your iguana with a designated area for digging, keeping them entertained, and making the digging area less appealing, you can prevent your iguana from digging up your yard or garden.

We hope this article helped You to understand why do iguanas dig holes.

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