why do iguanas falling from trees?

Learn about the common causes of iguanas falling from trees and how to prevent it from happening to your pet. Discover the importance of providing a safe environment and a balanced diet for your iguana to ensure their continued enjoyment of tree climbing

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Iguanas are a popular pet among reptile enthusiasts, and their ability to climb trees is a major part of their charm.

However, it is not uncommon for iguanas to fall out of trees, which can be a cause for concern for their owners.

Why do iguanas falling from trees? Here are all the reasons for this phenomenon.

Possible Causes Why Do Iguanas Falling from Trees

There are several reasons why iguanas may fall from trees. One possible reason is that they simply lose their footing while climbing.

Iguanas have sharp claws that allow them to easily grasp onto branches and surfaces, but they can still slip and fall.

Iguanas may fall from trees when temperatures drop close to freezing due to a phenomenon called “cold-stunning.” This causes the iguana’s muscles to shut down temporarily, leading to a state of physical inactivity.

Although this may appear as if the iguana has died, they can recover quickly once temperatures rise again.

Another reason for falling is that iguanas may become too heavy for the branches they are climbing on to support.

As iguanas grow and become heavier, they may no longer be able to safely climb the same trees they used to be able to.

This can be especially problematic for older iguanas that have not been properly fed a balanced diet, as obesity can lead to a higher risk of falling.

Additionally, iguanas may fall from trees if they are startled or frightened by something, such as a loud noise or the presence of a predator.

In these cases, the iguana may try to quickly escape by running or climbing down the tree, but they may end up falling in the process.

Preventing Iguanas from Falling from Trees

It is important for iguana owners to be aware of the potential risks of their pets climbing trees and to make sure that they have a safe and appropriate environment to do so.

This may involve providing sturdy branches or other climbing structures for the iguana to use, as well as making sure that the iguana is healthy and well-fed.

By taking these precautions, iguana owners can help to prevent their pets from falling and ensure that they can continue to enjoy the activity of tree climbing.

Videos of Iguana Falling Out of Trees

Videos of iguanas falling out of trees are a common sight on social media and the internet. Here are some of them:

Iguanas fall from trees in Florida’s cold weather // Reuters
Cold, stunned iguanas are falling from trees in Florida // The Washington Post
Iguanas Are Falling From Trees in Florida // Bloomberg


In conclusion, iguanas falling from trees is a common occurrence that can be caused by a variety of factors, including slipping, illness, and loss of balance.

By understanding these risks and taking appropriate precautions, iguana owners can help prevent their pets from falling out of trees and ensure their safety and well-being.

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